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Maks Pharma and Diagnostics Inc

All products and services provided by MAKS PHARMA AND DIAGNOSTICS Inc., (MAKS) shall conform to the requirements of FDA and regulatory authorities. Employees are responsible for their input to the procurement, storage, and delivery according to the regulatory requirements while achieving customer satisfaction.

We are committed to continually improving all products and services and to maintain MAKS as the Quality leader in our field.

In order to meet our goals we will pursue the following objectives :

  • Provide our clients with quality products.
  • Provide those products on time in the best possible way.
  • Provide our clients with the best pricing and value for our products.
  • Provide totally open communications with our clients in order to meet the client's needs.
  • Provide a system of Continuous Quality Improvement.
  • Provide a system of employee involvement, motivation and training.
  • Immediately inform to customers about recalls as soon as we hear that from manufacturer or our supplier.

The quality program described in our Quality Manual has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of FDA, state board of pharmacy and NABP and to provide the framework to allow accomplishment of our quality objectives and goals.

The Management Representative has the authority and responsibility for definition, implementation and maintenance of this quality program. This position has the responsibility to identify and record problems affecting quality and take or require actions to be taken to prevent recurrence. This authority includes halting shipments until the non-conformances are resolved.

President, managers and Supervisors are responsible for the effective implementation of the defined quality managemant system.

Sadath Shareef. RPh

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